Merchant Services ISO Program
  • Upfront Bonuses
  • Lifetime Residual Income
  • 8x Net Revenue Bonuses
  • Free Equipment Programs
  • Cash Advance Program
  • Gift & Loyalty Programs

Groovv Tablet POS
Placement Program

Merchant Account Sales Agents, Independent Sales Organization’s (ISO’s), and Bank Card Reps can now place a complete point of sale system to their merchants FREE. Groovv’s customizable cloud based software is available for retail and restaurant merchants, allowing them to run their businesses more efficiently.

Merchant Service

No Early Termination Fee! As a Total Merchant Services Independent Sales Representative you have the ability to offer your merchants a month-to-month contract without changing your free placement options or compensation. If you choose to set a contract term or charge an early termination fee, you share the profit.

Merchant Services
in Canada

FREE to Sell, Lease or Place Terminal Program. Our Merchant Level Sales Partners are pioneering the first Free Terminal Program with No Setup Fees or Cancellation Fees ever offered in Canada. This is a rare opportunity to enter into a new market leading with an offering Canadian merchants have never seen before.

Toll-Free : 1.866.295.0009

Total Merchant Services Agent ISO Affiliate Program!

Have a Merchant Account Services National Sales Manager give you a Recruitment Call Today!

Have you previously worked with a merchant services provider or payment processor company?

$100,000 New Agent ISO Signing Bonus

$100+ Bonus per Activated Account in Addition to our Existing Bonus and Compensation Plan. Earn up to
an Extra $100,000 in Your First 90 Days!

Increase Your Profits with Today’s
Most Lucrative ISO Program

Non Exclusive Sales Agent ISO Agreement
Agent Flexibility with Contract Terms and Merchant Pricing
Lifetime Vested Ownership of your Residual Income Stream!
Compensation Package You Choose Per Merchant
Up to 70% Residual Income above Interchange
$300 – $1,100
Bonus per Approved Merchant

Production Bonus Money

$200 Upfront Bonus on Retail – $100 on Wireless / Internet
8x Net Revenue True Up Bonus!
Up to $1000 per Retail – $1000 Moto / Internet Account
Up to $800 per Wireless Account
“No Equipment Needed” Bonus Program
Extra $100 Bonus if No Placement Equipment is Needed
All Bonuses are Paid Daily Based on the Approval Date!

EZ App & Sales Assisted Online Application

2 Page EZ App Makes Sales Easy. No Need for Supporting Documents such as Address Verification or Voided Checks!
Approve Merchants Without a Social Security Number
Guaranteed Same Day Merchant Approvals!

American Express – Full Acquiring

Set Amex Pricing for Merchants and Share the Profits!

Merchant Sign Up Today Bonus

Optional Sign Up Today Bonus to Offer Merchants up to $300 to Help you Close More Deals on the Spot!

Full Spanish Program

Complete with Applications, Terminal Prompts, Statements, Support and Terminal Training all in 100% Spanish

Total Merchant Services Bank Card Sales Representative

Join Total Merchant Services
compensation program today!

  • Low Transaction Fees

    • $0.025 / IP & Internet
    • $0.035 / Dial up
    • $0.045 / Amex & Diners
    • $0.055 / PIN Debit (+ Network Fees)
  • Free to Place

    Upfront Bonus Program
    $200 Upfront Payment paid on approval PLUS 8x Net Revenue True Up Bonus up to $1,000 Total Bonus Payment paid on Every Account by utilizing our Free Retail Terminal Placement Program.
    50-65% Residual Split on ALL Revenue Streams with No Minimums or Quotas!

    • Option #1 Groovv Android Tablet POS System
      With All Peripherals - Cloud Based Software, Swiper, Stand, Cash Drawer & Receipt Printer
      *8x Net Revenue Bonus up to $1000 Per Account *Additional $1000 Bonus for Every 10 Groovv's
    • Option #2 Ingenico iCT220
      Dial & IP - EMV + NFC Apple Pay Capable
    • Option #3 Ingenico iCT220
      With Free External IPP310 Debit & EMV Pin Pad
    • Option #4 Verifone Vx520
      With Free Check Imager
    • Option #5 Wireless Ingenico iWL255 EMV + NFC
      Mobile Terminal with Internal Pin Pad
    • Option #6
      eCommerce Website Credit Card Processing Software + Secure Virtual Terminal Gateway
    • Option #7 Payment Jack by ROAMpay
      Smart Phone, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android Credit Card Reader *8x Net Revenue Bonus Only
  • Additional FREE Services

    • Complete Point of Sale Hardware Placement Program with Cloud Based POS Software
    • EMV Enabled - Smart Chip Credit Card Processing Terminal Placement Program
    • NFC Capable - Contactless Payment Technology (used by Apple Pay Google Wallet and Softcard) Terminal Placement Program
    • Merchant Transaction & Data Reporting
    • Next Day Funding for Merchants
    • Groovv Offers - Social Network Marketing Tool
    • Fedex Priority Shipping & Overnight Replacement of our FREE Terminals
    • Lead Generation through Sales Genie
    • Dedicated Merchant Credit Card Machine Training and Conversion Assistance Team
    • Pin Pad Swap Out (Including Shipping Expenses & Pin Pad Encryption)
    • PCI Compliance Program (First 12 Months)
    • IRS Reporting for Merchants
    • Wireless Activation Fee (Paid by Us!)
    • Welcome Kit sent by Fedex to Your Merchant
    • Terminal Paper and Supplies with our Merchant Advantage Program
    • Amplify - Online Commission Reporting System and Partner Resource Center
    • 100% Transparent and Detailed Residuals
    • Mirror Website including our ISO Partner Portal and Sub Reseller Affiliate Management
    • Door to Door and Telesales Scripts
    • Merchant Statement Comparison & Analysis
    • Dedicated Sales Partner Support Team and Personal Relationship Manager
    • Marketing Materials, Color Brochures and Business Cards for All Bancard Resellers